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Getting know Spams, Difference of Email Spoofing & Phishing Scams

Email users - regardless business staffs or home individuals always have a common email challenge which is preventing from spams.

Spam emails usually seasonal, as anytime users may sometimes encounter spam volume spike. Thousands and millions of spams being generated from all over the world every day.

The typical approaches of spams include a well-constructed email that sets out convince customer on several occasions such as below examples:

  • Your mailbox quota is full
  • Your email account password has expired
  • Some of the emails are not delivered to you
  • There is a payment made to you
  • Request-for-quote or sales requirement

These include spam emails that contain a malicious URL redirection link that takes recipients to fake website, or harmful attachment that once open will download malware that connects computer to a botnet or installs a backdoor.

Email spoofing

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