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In the current age where we rely heavily on our computers, it is vital for users to carry out regular computer maintenance to ensure optimization of the PC. Doing so prevents user frustration and allows for better productivity and efficiency when using the PC. Regular PC maintenance services increase the life of the computer and saves you huge expenses on data recovery services. ACM provides PC maintenance services and computer repair services in Singapore. Our experienced and professional team will optimise our client's computer performance through a comprehensive checklist and are able to so for most brands of computers. Additionally, we also provide full warranty and out-of-warranty hardware and software repairs. Whether it is for residential, business or government institutions, we are equipped to serve you.


Maintenance tips for an individual computer:

01 Refrain from overloading your computer with unnecessary programs and software; decide what you require from your computer and keep it streamlined

02 Refrain from unnecessary downloads and installing unknown programs from the Internet

03 Ensure only fully licensed copies of operating systems and software are used

04 To build a stable system, correct installation procedures and good configurations are important

05 Protect your PC against malicious software, viruses, and hackers. The PC is extremely vulnerable to attack when it has access to the internet

06 Perform disk defragmenting to keep data together and to prevent processing speed from decreasing.

07 Tidy your PC by deleting files and emptying your recycle bin regularly

08 Keep your Anti-virus and Operating System current through regular updates.


Two common reasons why computers are compromised are:

 The hacker wants to gain access to data in the PC
 Your PC could be used as a base for email spamming. When traced, the spam appears to be sent from your computer instead of the actual illegal originators.


How to protect your computer against attacks:

Ensure that Anti-virus software is installed to prevent malicious programs from entering the PC.
 Perform regular scans on the PC.
 Update your Anti-virus software so that your PC is not vulnerable to new viruses and trojans.
 Use the aid of a firewall to screen out hackers, viruses and secure data traffic from your organization.

With our comprehensive and customized maintenance contract, we can help cut down your organization's expenditure.

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