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IT Maintenance Services

The IT industry is an ever-evolving domain that introduces technological advancements almost every day. Its benefits range from streamlining business operations to updating maintenance management systems in order to minimise downtime and keep up with the market demands to boot.


As technology further becomes an integral part of business operations—with organisations from across different industries relying on IT infrastructure—the benefits of working with an IT maintenance service company cannot be stressed enough.

IT support and maintenance are essential in ensuring your hardware and software systems are running efficiently in order to boost productivity while lowering the risks of unexpected downtime.

Interesting Statistics About IT Management

One segment of IT maintenance is preventive maintenance, which is an application that helps organisations manage their preventive care of assets. Such assets can be anything from manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, software, and hardware to name a few.


A recent market report revealed that the global preventive maintenance software market is projected to grow exponentially with a CAGR of 10.9% in the forecast period 2020-2025. It is predicted to reach approximately 1.1 billion by 2025, up from the 721 million in 2019.

Discover some other facts about IT management:

In a 2015 survey, when respondents were asked how well established their IT maintenance department is, only 6% said theirs were well established. This figure cites the need for outsourcing IT maintenance management services.

Businesses can save as much as 18% by investing in preventive maintenance. It means every dollar spent on it can save at least 5% on other expenses. Not only that, facilities implementing proper HVAC maintenance can reduce energy consumption by 15-20%.

On average, businesses spend 80% of their time addressing IT maintenance issues rather than preventing them. But, implementing effective maintenance strategies can reduce it by as much as 35-50%.

Regardless of your industry or the kind of business you run, it’s critical to ensure the smooth running of your equipment for continuous operations, without fearing any potential breakdown or significant downtime.

Investing in IT maintenance services is a practical business decision that can benefit you with high returns in the long run.

As a leading IT maintenance company in Singapore, A-ChieveMent Solution (S) provides you with the optimum technical support to keep your systems up to date with progress.

What We Do

Immediate Responses

Immediate assistance via Remote Desktop Support with a turnaround of less than 30 minutes to resolve the issue.


A multi-vendor supplier programme, with a wide range of support levels to update your system and resolve issues—all in a single-point-of-contact.

IT Advisory Services

Professional consultation with our board-certified and experienced engineers to help you further understand your IT challenges and business requirements.

Customised Maintenance Plans

A wide range of IT maintenance plans tailored to your IT requirements and budget—from full-fledged IT support to an extension of your in-house IT team.

IT Asset Management

Proper documentation and tracking of hardware/ software IT assets to optimise spending, support lifecycle management, and assist in strategic decision-making.

Preventive Maintenance

Proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure to minimise risks of downtime and threats to security. We set alerts to notify us of issues so we can take immediate action.

Certified IT Engineers

A team of board-certified engineers, selected through the most stringent assessments and interviews, are available to assist you with your IT needs 24/7.

License & Warranty Management

Assistance in the renewal or updating of licenses and warranties, so you don’t have to worry about an expiring software license and hardware warranties.

10+ Years of IT Experience

With more than 10 years of IT support service, we deliver effective, outsourced, and managed IT services for small-medium-sized businesses and organisations across Singapore.

IT Preventive & Predictive Maintenance: What’s the Difference?

You may have read IT preventive maintenance a few times but may not be sure how it is different from other practices—predictive maintenance, to name one. Here’s a brief explanation.

The idea behind IT preventive routine maintenance is that by performing regular inspection, repair, and rebuild, you reduce the risks of that equipment failing. Think of it as having your car engine oil changed. While you have it replaced every 10,000 miles, you have your equipment serviced at regular intervals.

Now, whilst preventive maintenance is determined by the average or expected life cycle of the equipment, predictive maintenance is identified based on the condition of an asset. Going back to our car analogy, the latter would involve taking oil samples at regular intervals. But, instead of replacing the oil strictly every 10,000 miles, it will only be done when it’s already degrading beyond a certain point.

Which One is Better?

The impact that an appropriate IT maintenance plan can have on your products, services, and business operations overall is significant. While the two work differently, both are designed to increase the reliability of your assets and significantly reduce the possibilities of downtime.

ust as eating right, exercising, and undergoing checkups all play a role in maintaining good health, both preventive and predictive maintenance can play their part in your IT maintenance program.

The key here is to have a long-term view of your goals and develop a system of techniques that work best for your equipment—and this is where an IT maintenance service company comes in.

As an IT maintenance service provider in Singapore, ACM can help you devise an effective IT maintenance plan which more than giving you access to core features, and will allow you to maximise your resources, reduce downtime, and improve your bottomline.

Why Does Software Require Maintenance

Bug Fixing

Bug fixing involves searching for errors in code and correcting them, without affecting the rest of the functionalities of the software.

Performance Boost

Detecting issues through testing and resolving them to boost system performance as well as preventing suspicious activities such as hacking.

Feature Enhancement

Improvement in features, functionalities, and workflow to ensure that your software is compatible with the ever-changing market environment.

Function Update

Using a software maintenance procedure, the outdated functions are removed and replaced with new developments to ensure they are up to date.

Why Does Software Require Maintenance

Professional System Maintenance

Managing hard drive space, scanning the system for errors, and defragmenting the hard drive on a regular basis can so to keep your system functioning efficiently.

Longer Computer Life

Preventive hardware maintenance can prolong the life of your equipment. This can result in reduced costs, not to mention an improved bottom line.

Reduced Risk of Data Loss

A professional maintenance service is a practical approach to saving your business from unforeseen problems including data loss or hardware damage.

Increased Safety

Conducting routine cleaning and maintenance not only improves the life of your hardware but also detects potential fire hazards such as damaged cords or blocked cooling fans.

Your IT Maintenance Checklist

Are your software licenses up to date?

Is it time for hardware maintenance?

Has your anti-virus software been renewed?

Make sure you’re in control of your IT system.

Stay tuned for software updates and maintenance releases

Software providers constantly release bug fixes, performance enhancements, security improvements, and other updates to keep up with compliance. Have the appropriate updates applied to your systems to maintain optimum levels of security and performance efficiency. Make sure that your virus and spam protections are kept up to date as well.

Monitor System Health

Whether your applications run independently on individual systems or within a shared environment, it’s imperative that they are maintained and consistently monitored. In most cases, there are tools dedicated to each component to ensure that they are always up and running.

Back Up Your System

Aside from tracking purposes, make sure to set up mirroring to reduce, if not completely eliminate the risk of downtime in case the primary source fails or is corrupted. This process basically copies data onto a backup to ensure that there’s no interruption in case of hardware failure and/or natural disasters.

Fast and Reliable IT Maintenance Service

A-ChieveMent Solution (S) Pte Ltd (ACM) is a Corporate IT Solutions Provider in Singapore and supported by a team of certified professional working closely in different expertise of work.

Why Outsource Your IT Maintenance?

The hassle of maintaining your IT systems is the main reason why you should outsource this aspect of your business.

Your IT maintenance service provider can offer you a comprehensive maintenance plan that will take care of all your IT needs from maintaining your IT system to protecting your data from malware and planning your maintenance with a complete checklist, to keeping your business software up-to-date.

The Benefits of IT Maintenance Services

The primary benefits of IT maintenance come down to reliability, efficiency, and maximising of assets.

There’s no denying that overseeing the overall IT maintenance of a facility and its operations is no easy feat. But, with the help of a third-party maintenance provider, you are guaranteed that your assets are in good repair, thus are less likely to break down and you will have less downtime over the course of their lifespan.

A 2015 study further outlined how much improvement is possible by having an IT support and maintenance plan in place.

50% less chance of downtime due to equipment failure

As little as an hour of downtime can cause millions of loss in revenue for a large business. But, because issues are predicted in advance, downtime can be significantly reduced thus, preventing the loss of revenue.

3-5% increased equipment lifespan

Aside from reducing the potential of machine breakdowns, an IT maintenance program can also guarantee optimal operations, while improving the useful life of your equipment. Although initially expensive, this factor makes the IT maintenance cost worthwhile.

Reduced waste

As equipment remains useful for longer, businesses can reduce their impact to the environment by producing less waste and consuming less natural resources. More than improving their bottom line, this initiative can also help meet their social responsibility goals.

10-40% less repair costs

Because IT maintenance is based on a schedule, it is performed before a potential breakdown occurs—which is all the more costly to repair. This cost-saving benefit is further emphasised on predictive maintenance in which tasks are only performed when necessary.

Improved overall operations

Operational downtimes not only impact output but also your employee morale. An IT maintenance program in place can minimise such instances, which has an overall benefit of improving product quality and increased customer satisfaction.

What to Look for in a Reliable IT Provider?

Much like deciding whether or not to outsource your IT maintenance, choosing a service provider is also a critical decision for any organisation thus shouldn’t be underestimated. After all, an IT maintenance provider can influence the overall workplace performance, its efficiency and productivity.

So, how do you make sure you’re hiring the most qualified provider and you’re getting the ideal IT maintenance contract? Look for these factors that determine the reliability of a potential IT service provider.

Proven Track Record

Whether you’re switching to a new provider or outsourcing IT services for the first time, it can be an overwhelming process that involves quite some risk. The transition means you’re giving someone control over your business, without the complete guarantee that it will be a success.

Therefore, the best way to ensure that the transition starts off on the right foot is to hire a qualified provider with a proven track record of success in the first place. A reliable IT company should be able to manage your expectations and develop a clear management plan, which discusses the potential issues that may arise and outlines their strategies on how to address them.


When you get a third-party IT maintenance provider, make sure that they are flexible and adaptable enough to meet your requirements. While in most cases IT companies have pre-determined programs, one that you can rely on is someone who can fine tune their services based on your needs so they can offer you the best service possible.

Often, this is where a single point-of-contact service comes in handy, which can ensure that all the equipment in your IT infrastructure is managed in one place. Your provider should be able to accommodate different contracts from different vendors and make them accessible to you through a centralised portal.


Your business is growing, but is your IT keeping up? Make sure you’re outsourcing your IT maintenance to a provider that can support your long-term growth.

It’s essential to engage a third-party provider that can scale at a fast pace and respond to new market changes as they happen. If your business is expanding into new markets, perhaps establishing a global presence, there’s more reason why you should enter into a partnership with a provider that can scale globally and deliver consistency in their service.

If these aren’t any indication, looking for an IT services provider can be a complicated affair. But, once you manage to find a partner that dedicates their time and effort to understand your business and it’s goals, everything will surely pay off.

Why A-ChieveMent Solution (S)?

More than 10 Years of Professional IT Support

ACM is a corporate IT solutions provider in Singapore that is comprised of a team of certified professionals specialising in delivering managed IT services for SMEs in Singapore. With more than a decade of industry experience, we take pride in having established credibility in the industry thus, the long-term relationships with our clients, partners, and our people.

All Your IT Requirements in One Place

With our technical excellence and commitment to deliver impeccable service, we strive to meet all your IT requirements through our wide range of services that include hardware/software maintenance support, outsourced helpdesk, remote assistance facilities, and data centre-hosted network system services.

We Take Care of Your IT So You Can Focus on Your Business

The rewards of outsourcing your IT are three-fold, to say the least. When you outsource with ACM, you reduce the costs associated with hiring an employee such as training and benefits; you gain access to our exceptional skills; and more importantly, you can focus on your core competencies to improve your business.

What Our Clients Say About Us

For several years, ACM has partnered with clients across different industries. We have established strong relationships with them and one proof of that is our continued partnership with them. See what they have to say about us, our services and our commitment to our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have an issue with my system, what can I do?

Note down the symptoms you’ve encountered—how did it happen, how many users are affected etc. Make sure to provide a brief description of the issue.

Afterwards, contact our QuickSupport team to log a case, and we will have a dedicated team to attend to your issue right away. You can either email to or call us at +65 629 629 10

2. I need to request for an Onsite support. How can I do that?

As our Premium Maintenance customer, you can raise a ticket to us either by email to or call us at  +65 629 629 10.

Our QuickSupport Team will log a case and forward it to our Onsite Engineer to arrange for a site troubleshooting/job order schedule accordingly.

3. Our office internet is down/having intermittent. Can we get an Onsite Engineer to check?

Please restart or power cycle your network devices (ONT, router, switch, Wifi AP etc.) first, and monitor the connection again.

If the issue still persists, you can raise a ticket to us either by email to or call us at +65 629 629 10.

4. I need to request for remote support, but I do not have an ACM QuickSupport Remote tool

You can visit our page ( to download our ACM QuickSupport Remote tool. Run the remote tool and provide us the ID digits and our QuickSupport Team will remote in to assist on the issue.

5. I have accidentally deleted data from the server. Can you help me to recover?

For our customer with Technology Leasing with us, ACM provides daily backup coverage on the system.

Please send a support request by email to or call us at 65 629 629 10 (Option 2).

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