Being connected to your customers, suppliers, partners and your own staff has become part and parcel in everyday business life. The Internet has become a crucial communication tool for businesses of all sizes and industry sectors.

As specialists in business IT solutions and networks, ACM understands that business clients are different from consumers and require a different type of Internet service, being reliable yet flexible, efficient and economical and one which, in the event of trouble, will get you running again as a matter of priority, and doesn't send you to a busy call Centre when you need help most.

ACM's Hosted Exchange is an affordable, premium email service that provides you and your staff with the ability to communicate better and work smarter, which can substantially improve the way your business operates.

The Advantage of using Hosted Exchange over Standard POP Mail

POP Email ( POP is the standard email that internet service providers (ISPs) supply to customers as part of their internet connection service (eg. johnsmith@xxxx, and is also the basic form of email typically included in the services offered by web hosting and domain name companies (eg. johnsmith@his

POP Email
  • Consumer-grade product.
  • Important data stored on each local PC, which increases the risk of data loss via PC failure or theft.
  • No centrally-managed anti-virus or anti-spam filtering included.
  • Email only.
  • Limited accessibility when out of the office.
  • Limited technical support.
Hosted Exchange

  • Business-grade product.
  • Data stored on each local PC and on servers at ACM, with regular off-site backup to help to reduce the risk of data loss.
  • Comprehensive built-in protection against viruses and spam.
  • Access Email, Contacts, Calendar, Public Folders, Archive Folders, Meeting Planner and Task Lists when away from the office.
  • Share Emails, Contact lists, Calendar schedules and documents that need to be accessed by a variety of people at various times using the Public Folder facility.
  • 24 x 7 telephone technical support.
  • Hosted Exchange allows you and your staff to access their mailbox from a variety of locations at any time of the day

Access secure email from any Internet Connection in the world!

  • From your work or home PC - using the full version of Microsoft Outlook 2013.
  • From the internet - using a program called 'Outlook Web Access' (OWA) through any web browser.
  • From a mobile device - using 'Outlook Mobile Access' (OMA) or ActiveSync accessed from a GPRS-enabled device running either the Microsoft 'Pocket PC' operating system or WAP 2.0 , or a BlackBerry device.

Hosted Exchange gives you peace of mind against the effects of email viruses and spam.
Hosted Exchange allows your staff to share information and collaborate more efficiently.

Messaging & Collaboration Services

Imagine losing your organization's email, voice-mail or document sharing for a day. You could pretty much count on the fact that business as usual would be severely impacted.

With Messaging & Collaboration Services, you can count on dependable access across the enterprise to some of the most important tools you use each day. These services help ensure that you maintain your essential communications capabilities despite situations that threaten to disrupt servers, software, work facilities or staff. You'll be able to maintain ready to access resources without ever missing a beat. And when e-mail regulatory compliance or restoration is a top priority, you'll be prepared.
The offering capabilities of our IT infrastructure - over-engineered for maximum reliability and resiliency - with some of the industry's most skilled IT specialists, resulting in high-availability solutions that delivers:

  • Improved messaging systems efficiency and security
  • Reduced vulnerability and business risk
  • Reduced demand on internal resources
  • Optimal employee productivity & customer service
  • Simple, cost-effective deployment

Our Messaging & Collaboration services include Dedicated Exchange Environments, Hosted Exchange, E-mail Availability Service and Journaling & Archival of Messaging.
It's undeniable that e-mail has become an essential element of business life. It's also a reality that managing a messaging environment has become increasingly complex and challenging at best.

With ACM's Hosted Exchange Service, we eliminate the technical administration issues while enhancing messaging reliability and uptime across the enterprise. Our service meets the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, providing access to the latest version of Microsoft Exchange, plus powerful security and storage features. You can get everything from basic email to value-added options - with predictable costs that take it easy on your budget.

The benefits to users, administrators and your businesses are beyond doubt:

  • Improved messaging
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Reduced demand on internal resources
  • Flexibility
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