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Businesses today need at least one server to run their email, website, file storage, and other applications. For example, an e-commerce website and supply chain application generally need at least one entry-level server at a cost of $3,500, plus the cost of software and ongoing support. The advances in computing and server technology require upgrades and new servers every one to two years. Ongoing infrastructure costs for routers, switches, firewalls, rack equipment, UPS protection, backup generators, fire suppression, Operating Software, the knowledge and ability to make it all work and you can spend $50,000 to get even a basic data center up and running. Outsourcing your service not only reduces capital requirements, but it also allows you flexibility to regularly upgrade your equipment with short-term contracts.

ACM regularly invests in proven technology, new equipment, and training our staff to make sure we offer the most reliable data center at the most economical costs. It also allows us to easily setup new service whether it is for an individual server, multiple dedicated servers in a clustered environment, or several racks of equipment for an enterprise level disaster recovery system.

Here is an example of your savings for the first year of service alone:

Number of Servers

1 x (Dual core processor, 4GB RAM, 2x 500GB drive with RAID)
*Entry-level Server

Do It Yourself Cost (1st Year)

$27,300.00 ($3,500 to buy the server, $2,800 for rack equipment + UPS
*no on-site generator, $21,000 for in-house IT staff & monitoring)

Outsourcing Cost with ACM

$4,800 ($400/mth)

Savings in the 1st Year


Reliable, Predictable, and Less Expensive to Maintain. More Performance for Your Money

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On-Site Engineer Outsourcing

Providing great customer service and support will build trust with us. If you want to succeed in the business, you need a cost-effective solution. The cost of hiring your own support team can eat up your entire budget. However, if you outsource the support to a company specializing in technical support for companies, you gain an expert support team without the high price.

Outsourcing is one of the many keys to success in business, especially for smaller business looking to compete in a competitive industry. The expert help you can get without paying a full salary makes it well worth the cost.

Even if your business has its own internal IT resource and staff, ensuring the right availability of skills and people at the right time can be a regular headache. Skills shortages can put essential projects and support services at risk.

An effective business can do without carrying the associated costs of surplus people or low levels of staff utilization, but in turn may suffer when IT employees are on holiday or are otherwise absent or leave unexpectedly. Meanwhile, business demands, seasonal workloads or impending change may end up stretching an already over-burdened team.

Your flexible IT resource

With ACM Flexible Resourcing we can help you manage your IT delivery though times of additional demand on your staff and business. Working on a short-term and flexible basis, we can help fill the gaps in your available resource, from first-line systems engineers and help desk staff to specialist and IT management level consultants.

ACM understands that each client is unique and in turn each client employee may offer a unique set of skills which needs to be covered. It could also be the case that a client may need a particular combination of skills for a particular project or deployment. Therefore ACM offers various levels of staffing cover which can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


Our engineering and consultancy team maintains a wide range of key industry accreditations from the leading IT vendors, including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, and Hua Wei. In addition to this our staff has extensive general system and network administration and trouble-shooting experience, enabling them to fit quickly into your working environment with minimum hassle.

All ACM engineering and consulting staff are recruited for both their technical skills and their service-orientated approach, and are credit checked, security vetted and industry accredited so you can rest assured that their integrity, customer focus and proven ability to do the job are without question.

Service features and benefits:

  • Holiday and absentee cover
  • Short-term seasonal demand cover
  • Project and specialist assistance
  • Temporary skills shortage cover
  • Flexible skill set and working hours
  • Remove the burden of recruitment
  • No impact on your permanent headcount
  • No impact on your HR or benefits to pay
  • Support engineers, consultants and IT managers
  • Removal of headaches associated with employing temporary workers
  • Short-term commitment
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