About Us

A-ChieveMent Solution (S) Pte Ltd (ACM) is a Corporate IT Solutions Provider in Singapore. The company is supported by a team of certified professional working closely in different expertise of work. With a balanced mix of international and local clients, our goal is to transfer this knowledge into value for the benefit of our customer, our people, as well as our society as a whole. It is this commitment that earned us our credibility among our customers and partners, and thus these long term relationships with many of them.

 Achieving IT Differently! by delivering exquisite service in a professional and trustworthy way.

ACM is an IT support company specializing in providing, effective outsourced and management IT services for small-medium sized businesses and organizations. Our services include hardware IT support, outsourced helpdesk, remote assistance facilities and datacenter-hosted network system services.

Established in 2008 and based in Singapore, we cover Singapore as well as supporting national and international clients. We strive through combining technical excellence with commitment and impeccable service delivery enabling you to focus on running your business while we look after your IT needs. At ACM, we understand that every business has its own individual way of functioning and therefore requires its own personalized IT service. We constantly work closely with your company work flow structure and creatively respond with new effective IT solutions to improve functionality which in return increases productivity for your organization.

Information Technology is a formidable business tool, if combined with the right solution and support it can help project your business to greater heights and achieve its objectives. Through our own knowledge and experience, and collaboration with major industry manufacturers and service providers, we are able to plan, source, install, monitor and manage computer hardware, software and network systems. This will allow your organization to exponentially maximize your benefit from IT and gain a competitive edge to continuously outperform in the present and the future.


IT Manager

Consultancy & Projects

ACM IT Manager is a management level service for your IT needs, doing all the things that an experienced IT Manager in a larger organization would do to keep the IT systems and thus the business running as effectively as possible.


ACM QuickSupport Team

Business IT Support And Help Desk Services

Multiple Support Levels (Level 1, 2 & 3) is way of providing the best possible service in the most efficient possible manner of sorting and solving any issues that your business has.

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