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Why archive your email and How to archive your email?

Nowadays, Email is one of the communication tools using among companies to liaise on the business and user may receive up to hundreds email in one day.

Without housekeeping your email mailbox, end up the email mailbox space had fully used, and user will no longer able to receive new emails and your sender will receive this bounce back email as their email not able to reach to you.

Then you have to cleanup your mailbox by deleting your old / unused email.

However, what if those old email still required to view back in future, therefore Outlook application have an Email Archive feature which archive your old email in separate offline PST file.

User will able to view the old emails from this archive PST file. And at the same time, it also can reduce the email account mailbox space.

Step by Step to archive email for mailbox
1. Open Outlook, Select "File" from the top left corner.

2. Under "Info" tab, select "Cleanup Tools" > "Archive"

3. Make sure tick on "Archive this folder and all subfolders" > Select the email mailbox that wish to archive > Select the DATE for "Archive items older than" > Click Browse and Select the path you wish to save the archive file > Select "OK"

*Take note – all the email will be archived before the date you choose, Eg: if you choose 01/01/2021, all the email before this date will archived into the PST file.

4. Archive done, and user will able to see an Archive mailbox on your Outlook application, those older email will save inside it.

In order to have more organize Archive email, user is advised to archive the email by yearly, or monthly for ease of email viewing.

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