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Discover The Reasons Why Encryption Is Necessary

Data is the world's most precious (and fragile) resource. It may either make or kill your firm. Sensitive data must be encrypted by organizations both in transit and at rest. But what exactly is encryption, and why is it vital for your business?

What is Encryption?
The process of turning data into an unreadable format using mathematical techniques is known as encryption. In simple terms, this means that anyone attempting to read encrypted data will be unable to figure out what it says. The only method to decrypt the data is to utilize a key, which is a secret number that is used to turn the encrypted data back into its original form.

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Is File Encryption Important?
Yes, file encryption ensures that your files are secure either in storage or transmission. Here are some of the reasons why file encryption software is essential:
1. Due to data stored on servers and computers frequently vulnerable to hacking attacks, file encryption safeguards your data from unauthorized users.
2. Personal information such as your name, address, phone number, and so on may be included when you create a new document or spreadsheet. You should never leave this information unprotected, especially if you intend to share it with third parties.
3. When transferring files between devices, you never know where the files will end up. For example, you want to copy a file from one computer to another but aren't sure if the destination device will be connected to the network. You must encrypt the files before transferring them to prevent unauthorized access to the files.

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Why is Encryption Important for Data Security?
As previously stated, encryption aids in the prevention of unauthorized data access. However, it also safeguards against other threats. As an example:
1. Cybercriminals find it more difficult to access your data when it is encrypted. They have to first break into your system before cracking your encryption algorithm, making you a less appealing target.
2. If someone gains unauthorized access to your system, they will be unable to see anything significant unless they use brute force methods. Passwords are guesses until the correct one is found using brute force methods. These methods, however, take much longer than breaking the encryption algorithm.
3. Encryption protects your company's reputation. When you store sensitive data in encrypted format, no one can read it unless they have the appropriate decryption key, reducing the likelihood of disruption to your customers.

Why is Email Encryption Important?
Email encryption ensures that your private email messages remain private. Here are some of the reasons why you should use email encryption:
1. There's important information in your emails. An employee might receive a file from you that contains private financial information. Alternatively, you might give a client access to a document containing confidential information. Encrypting emails contributes to the security of this data.
2. Spam emails are more than just a hassle for your inbox—hackers can infect your computer with malware by using advanced spamming techniques. You can verify email senders with email encryption, which reduces the possibility that a worker will click on a malicious link.
3. It might be desirable to distribute an email to several recipients. You must make sure that every recipient gets a distinct copy of the original message to accomplish this securely. Should this not happen, all copies will become encrypted and useless.

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Make Sure Your Company is Utilizing Encryption Sufficiently
The success of your company depends on the protection of critical corporate data. By using encryption, you can avoid expensive cyberattacks, maintain compliance with consumer protection laws, and safeguard the reputation of your company. ACM is pleased to provide cybersecurity assistance on data encryption for organizations. Reach out to us right now via our hotline at 6295 5962 or drop us an email at to find out more about encryption to protect your company.

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