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Five Typical IT support Issues You May Face

Working from home is becoming a norm for the great majority of people with the digitalization of internet collaboration and communication. As an IT service provider, we have come across a few IT-related challenges that you could experience, and we would like to share them with you!

The Top 5 issues mostly encountered by our customers:
1. Share folder access issue

You may encounter one or more of the following problems while trying to access or operate with files and folders in Windows:
Issue 1: "Access Denied" or similar error message is displayed.
Issue 2: Unable to open, modify, save, or remove files and directories.
Issue 3: Unable to open file or folder after installing a new version of Windows.

Here are some of the possible causes for an access denied error message:

  • The owner of the folder has changed.
  • You don't have the necessary permissions.
  • The file is encrypted.

Why this happen?
You may not own the file or folder. If you upgraded your computer from an earlier version of Windows to Windows 7, some of your account information may have changed. As a result, you may lose ownership of some files or directories. You may be able to fix this issue by regaining control of your files and directories.

2. Printer connection issue

Here are some simple checks:
  • Is the printer turned?
  • Are you connected to the correct printer?
  • Is there a problem with the network connection?

Usually it is as easy as a printer driver that prevents you from printing. If you suspect that the printer may be the cause, we recommend contacting IT Support, who can investigate and diagnose.

3. Outlook email or send/receive issue
Using computer, tablet, or smartphone to send and receive email is one of the most common actions you do. However, you may be isolated from your contacts if you experience issues with your email account. You may contact IT Support to diagnose and resolve the problems

4. VPN cannot connect
If you are experiencing problems of logging in while knowing your username and password are valid, your IT support desk can assist you in locating and resolving the issue. For example, you may have attempted too many login attempts, and your IT department can restore your user rights.

5. Email and attachment legitimate check
Phishing emails with malicious attachments and drive-by downloads are frequently used to spread ransomware. Drive-by downloads happen when a person visits an infected website and downloads and installs malware without realizing it. Help desk personnel can help you to do email and attachment legitimate check to prevent the ransomware attack.

Why do businesses need IT support? Is it crucial? The confusion caused by IT issues can be aggravating. Reliable IT support allows you to get rid of problems quickly and easily. You can also avoid unnecessary disruption in your daily work. ACM provides you with remote and on-site IT support to keep your business running smoothly. If your company needs IT support, feel free to contact us at 6259 5962 or send us an email at

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