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It's Time to Upgrade Your Server!

Like other assets and devices, servers are depreciated over time and fail at unexpected times. But the good news is we know why and when to upgrade server. Let's us share with you why do you need to upgrade servers.

1. As the cost increases, the relative performance of the server declines over time.
On average, server performance drops by 14% each year. By the fifth year, the server is running only 40% of the time when it is new. With poor performance and high failure rates, unplanned downtime increases by 20% each year. At the same time, higher maintenance costs require in aging systems.

2. Modern features improve asset management
As enterprises grow rapidly, modern management tools enable better workload tracking and performance analysis. The updated server has the latest firmware and patch updates, so the device is safe and compliant with corporate and government specifications.

3. Optimized system accelerates performance
Modern servers improve the capabilities of higher virtual machine densities and larger virtual machines. This allows high-end business applications to be migrated and run in virtualized environments. Fewer, more powerful systems can also reduce power and cooling costs, data center space, maintenance time, and licensing costs.

4. Predictive diagnostics improve reliability
Aging mechanical components and software often results in unplanned downtime if the server continues to be used beyond its optimal lifespan. The new system has predictive capabilities to warn of incompatibility issues and imminent failures. Automatic notifications and proactive support improve reliability and meet uptime service level agreements (SLAs).

5. Service Warranty Expiring
After the average life cycle of a server, service contracts usually expire after 3-5 years. Frequent failures increase labor costs and make replacement parts expensive and difficult to find. Overall, buying a new server is often cheaper than extending a service contract on an old system.

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