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Case Study: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

This non-profit organization had outgrown their previous shared remote desktop system, which was restricting user productivity and forcing administrators to waste time dealing with support issues. Employee are dissatisfied because of the lack of appropriate resources, as technological issues prevented employees from completing their responsibilities efficiently.

How ACM Helps:
ACM provided the company with in-depth information and assistance on how a VDI solution would work within their infrastructure and walked them through cost-benefit discussions. The centralized management in a VDI solution makes desktop support easier by providing centralized administration of the PCs and reducing the requirement for downtime.

VDI hosts user desktop environments on centralized server and deploys them to end-users on request. In other words, employees connect to a virtual PC from any device in any place, rather than deploying and configuring individual PCs for each user. This type of infrastructure is suitable for organization who desire thin or zero clients, as well as convenient mobile access to the desktop environment for their employees. ACM realized the client was an excellent candidate for VDI because that was exactly why they looking to achieve.

VDI promised to save time for IT support, decrease administrative burden, and improve end-user productivity and satisfaction. However, the client was not sure if VDI would perform as well as claimed as the concept was new to them. ACM created a sample environment to demonstrate proof of concept where the customer could test out the solution before committing.

the company has experienced a significant increase in end-user productivity and satisfaction since deploying VDI. With such positive results, the client would like to convert their whole environment to VDI. They believe it will have a tremendous impact on the company as a whole, allowing they focus more steadfastly on achieving their mission.

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