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How to prevent your organization from a ransomware attack?

In 2017 hundreds of thousands of computers around the world were affected by ''WannaCry'' ransomware attack and according to David Teneyuca, a faculty member for Capella University's School of Business and Technology, it was one of the greatest cybersecurity threats to organizations of all sizes.

In addition, Teneyuca also mentioned ransomware is extortion, with hackers taking ransom often in bitcoin from the organization by locking down their data and refusing to unlock it until a ransom is paid. Even if the ransom is paid, there is no confirmation that the purposes are on the Dark Web.''

So how could we prevent our organization from getting a ransomware attack? There are three key solutions to it: Firstly, apply software patches regularly and never download software updates unless it is a trustworthy source. , every organization needs to back up its data daily with multiple copies in multiple digital and offsite locations. Secondly, conduct a crisis test for a ransomware attack and also practice cybersecurity, to detect and defend against hacking attempts. Teneyuca advice that it is mandatory for organizations of all sizes to educate their employees and inspect their cybersecurity protocols at a minimum of one year.

Lastly, implement the necessary measures if being attacked. Teneyuca mentioned to instantly invoke your tested crisis response plan by taking affected computers and devices off the network to prevent it from contaminating others, preserve your log files, inform law enforcement as soon as possible and lastly seek help from a professional in data recovery and forensics to recover data without paying the ransom.

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