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Learn How ACM Help Our Customer Fully Recover Their Data in 12 mins

Case Study: Ransomware

ACM was alerted to the possibility of an attack when a member of staff of our client said they were having problems opening a document. The user getting error messages like "unknown file type" when he trying to open the document. Suspecting a ransom attack, the network was quickly disconnected from the Internet. It was then discovered that all files and folders on all network shares had been encrypted. There was a html file in every folder acknowledging the presence of ransomware along with instructions on payment.

How ACM Help:
  • Isolate the infection:
    • Upon received the alert of ransomware attack, we instantly shut down the client virtual desktop network environment, close all inbound and outbound email traffic.
    • After rectified the root issue, we immediately isolate the infected computers, shared storage and network to prevent the infection from spreading.
  • NAKIVO Backup & Recovery
    • Analyze existing data and backups to determine the level of loss and how to proceed
    • Perform a full recovery of the infected Server in client's local premise.
    • Once it was completed, perform another full snapshot backup and revert back the mail traffic and verify all up and running.
  • Backup 3-2-1
    • Implemented a thorough, automated, and secure data backup strategy that provides regular backups in multiple secure locations (backups are continuously monitored and tested for reliability and regency)
  • Monitoring
    • Ongoing monitoring and security management to mitigate issues before they occur.

With ACM Tech Leasing, we putting more secure protections in place and establishing a reliable backup and disaster recovery strategy. The client company with the network security and data backup/disaster recovery services of ACM, is equipped to restore data and operations within one hour or less after the ransomware attack. Client was satisfying with our services to solve their Server down issue within 12 minutes and help them fully recover all their data without paying a penny to the attacker.

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