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Should I get a Desktop or Laptop?

A common question which you may ask. But in fact, it is tough to answer. The reason is due to the fact that both has their own advantages and disadvantages. Some user prefers one over another.

A desktop PC is static. It is a physical computer unit which consist of separate main component devices such as mouse, keyboard, and monitor connected to the system unit tower. Whereas for laptop is portable, an all-in-one device that have a built-in screen, a built-in keyboard, a trackpad that acts as a mouse, and can vary in size.

Desktop Laptop
Size Depending on model, usually in tower / micro-tower form. Some models are "all-in-one" built with monitor, that does not require the tower box. Commonly varies from 11" till 17". Also comes in different weight, generally is preferred in lighter weight.
Portability It is difficult to bring around, as involved multiple hardware, and require assemble and dismantling of cables. It is more space saving and convenient to carry around.
Power Runs on direct electric power supply. Equipped with lithium battery and able to run without power supply adapter.
Maintenance Easier to work with due to size & parts availability, and wider brand of parts in the market. More fragile, and parts are mostly limited to model-specific.
Scalability More flexibility on resources upgrade / part change (such as RAM, hard disk, graphic card, PCI slots, monitor etc.) Less upgrade options, therefore deciding on the suitable model before purchasing is important.

Based on the above, it seems desktop may not be the first choice for many users, especially during this pandemic period, where many companies have been affected and most of the users have to work from home. It is not convenient to bring a desktop home compared to laptop. Therefore "portability" may be the priority for current market demand.

However, desktop do have their own strength where desktop computer able to support higher end processors and graphics compared to laptop. It is more suitable for those who are on design or architecture related field, just to name a few, where they require to use software which requires high end specification in order to run smoothly.

Desktop has more data ports such as USB, LAN, Audio, etc. to support external devices than laptop due to its compactness. Like for example, a podcaster, where they need many external equipment like audio controller, camera, microphone, headset and many more depending on the user's setup. Although laptop may have all the mentioned equipment built in to the device, it is more suitable to those who are doing a lot of presentation where they might have to bring around with them for their work.

As a conclusion, it is a tough debate for both. It really depends on the choice of consumer in the end as both has their own pros and cons.

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