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Diagnosing keyboard issues

When the keyboard malfunctions, users can solve/diagnose some common keyboard problems themselves.

Some possible common keyboard issues:

  • 1. Unable to input key / certain keys
  • 2. Wrong input appears (e.g. symbol, number, letters)
  • 3. Unresponsive
  • 4. Keyboard types itself

In general, user can try these diagnostic first steps for any of the above issues:
  • User can first check by plugging in an external USB keyboard (for laptop) or swapping another unit of keyboard (for desktop) to test out. If it works, it could be hardware issue and would require replacement / repair. Otherwise, refer to last section
  • Open on-screen keyboard (click on Search icon -> type "On-screen keyboard") to check if on-screen keyboard able to convey the actual input accurately. Otherwise, refer to last section
  • this issue occurs after a Windows update? (click on Search icon -> type "check for updates"-> Windows Update -> View update history) to check if the latest update corresponds to the time where issue start to occur. If yes, refer to the last section.

Unresponsive / keyboard types itself

Check for debris inside keys, user can safely open keycap by using a small flat head screwdriver to carefully pry the keycap out to check.

Wrong input appears (e.g. symbol, number, letters)

Check if on screen key board has same layout as physical keyboard.

If you have more than one keyboard layout installed user can try to switch among the layouts (English Singapore, English United Kingdom, English United States, etc.) to see which layout corresponds to user's actual layout.

(Do take note to consult an IT support when available after the general troubleshooting)

After diagnostic first steps, some troubleshooting steps to be carried out by IT supports are:

- System restore
- Rollback of recent Windows Update
- Driver roll back
- Keyboard hardware replacement etc.

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