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Wireless or Wired connection?

A wireless connection is a configuration that operates on radio frequency or microwave signals that allows multiple devices to be able to connect to one another and to the network.

A wired connection is the configuration that uses cables to connect devices, such as laptops or desktop computers to the internet or other networks. Wired networks were always thought to be more secure and faster than wireless networks, though the continual enhancements to wireless networks such as Wi-Fi 6 networking standard have reduced the speed and security differences between wired and wireless networks.

Advantages of Wireless over Wired connections

  • 1. Reduced Cost - As wireless networks eliminate wiring expenses and therefore cost much less to operate than wired networks.
  • 2. Installation - Easy setup as only require one-time setup for Wireless Access Point, then device is easily connected.
  • 3. Mobility - Free to move anywhere as you are not tied to your desk as you are with a wired connection.
  • 4. Expandability - Can easily expand wireless networks with existing equipment, does not require additional cabling point for each device.

Disadvantages of Wireless connection over Wired connections
  • 1. Visibility - Unable to see the interferences by other wireless enabled devices.
  • 2. Security - If not secured properly as signals are transmitted through the air, signals can be intercepted without proper encryption and security.
  • 3. Reliability and Stability - Wireless networks are prone to obstructions such as walls that will interfere with the stability of the connection. Therefore wireless network require multiple access points to ensure most of the areas are covered.

Common application of Wireless Network: Business environment where mobility is a priority, such as users that are working on laptop / mobile devices and require frequent moving around in the work area. This provides convenience to user while staying connected to local network.

Common application of Wired Network: IT equipment and workstations that are stationed in static location such as network copier, large format printers, desktop PCs, servers, NAS / SAN storages etc. Wired network is preferable to ensure network stability and consistency.

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