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Best time to upgrade your computer and network devices

Approximately every 4-years: Overtime your computer operation system has had too many Service Packs and update which sometimes slow down the performance of the computer and viruses that can cause damage to the operation system and require a complete system reload.

After four years' mark is the best time to upgrade your computer instead of keep reloading.

CPU Speed: As CPU control how much the data flow through the unit, your computer will have slower data flow if the CPU is slow. The CPU bottlenecks of the older systems which could interrupt the unit from operating at the best level.

Hard Drive: The hard drive is where the Operating System, programs and data exist in and an older hard drive that uses platters for reading and writing data to it will be slower than a later model Solid State Drive (SSD). If your computer is old, it is best to upgrade as newer hard drives have very fast access speeds compared to older units.

Memory: Random Access Memory (RAM) decide how fast the operating system, programs and data loads into the “memory” of the computer. The newer model of computers could handle and usually have greater amounts of memory to get the computer operations to be healthier.

Operating System: If your computer still running with Windows7, it is advisable to upgrade to get Windows 10 as Windows 7 is at end of support by Microsoft and will no longer get technical support, software updates and security update or fixes.

The network traffic: As network traffic is growing rapidly, your network devices must be able to handle such a massive increase in intent. If you have an old network, it is likely that it is not able to support the massive technology demands of the workforce of today.

Work Demand: Your old network infrastructure cannot provide the employees network requirements as they are expected to work from anywhere anytime. Upgrading your network devices could help to boost their productivity.

Network Security: You should start upgrading your network devices as hackers today are more than capable of penetrating into an older network.

Running certain applications: Your old network infrastructure will not be able to support some of the more advance and data heavy application. By upgrading the network devices will prevent from crashing down when you run such heavy data applications.

If you run a growing business, you probably understand that quality IT solutions can be crucial to company efficiency. And computer networks are one of the most important IT solutions you can implement in your company. Computer and network downtime is a major cause that affects many employees working with a low level of performance.

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