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Will the Coronavirus cause business to be more vulnerable against cybercriminal?

Yes, nowadays coronavirus has been affecting business drastically, in fact, many employees have switched to working from home. According to a recent news report by The Straits Times, 300 employees have been evacuated from the 43rd storey of MBFC (Marina Bay Financial Centre) Tower 3 on February 12th after finding out that there is a confirmed coronavirus case at DBS Asia Central and have been told to work from home for the time being.

So what are the chances that the virus outbreak happens again in one of the companies? Many employees will be affected and unable to work, which might lead to a downfall in business. Unfortunately, Singapore raises DORSCON levels to orange, which means that the disease is severe and spread easily from person to person based on CNA news as we know that the virus infection rate is quite high and we would need to do our best to prevent it from happening. Cybercriminals might use this opportunity to infiltrate the company's personal information such as passwords and usernames that will put organizations at risk. Many employees might not be in the office and might not work efficiently as compared to working in the office due to limited resources.

So what can you do to minimize the damage for your business meanwhile protecting your company from cyber-attacks? Well, I do have a recommendation for you. You could seek assistance for Managed IT Services, as outsourcing your IT could make your company less vulnerable to cyber-attack. Alternatively, you could use our terminal desktop ''which makes work from home'' more convenient and safe. Likewise, you won't have to worry about your IT department of getting affected by the coronavirus and unable to work, these could save a lot of trouble. Our IT team has 24/7 support and will assist you with IT issues anytime and anywhere in Singapore. Feel free to contact us either by our hotline: 62-9559-62 or our email:, and we will do our best to help. Please do stay safe and masked to keep the working environment a healthy place to work.

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