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What is spyware?

What is spyware?

Spyware is malicious software which is designed to enter to your computer device, collect your data and expose it to a third-party without your permission.

Types of Spyware

Trojan - Spyware enters into devices using malicious software which mislead to the spyware program.

Adware - Or "Advertisement-supported software", monitor and make you expose your data to advertisers or access false malicious ads.

Tracking cookie files - Implanted by a website to record the data of the user of that specific browser and follow you across the internet.

Problems caused by Spyware

Data Theft and Identity Fraud - When malicious software access every information on your computer, it can hack your personal details such as email accounts and saved password to imitate your identity.

Computer Damages - Spyware can bring down your system performance by hogging your system resources causing high memory usage, high processing power and high internet bandwidth. These can trigger slow and lag in between application and infected devices also to the extend whole office network.

Disruptions to Your Browsing Experience Spyware can trick search engine results and show unwanted website which can lead to harmful websites in your browser.

How to protect

1. Be careful when a website asks for permission to create cookies. Accept from trusted sites only when you wish to experience what they offer.
2. Update all software to latest as these usually include security patches to fix weakness and app vulnerabilities.
3. Have an anti-virus software, and ensure having it updated with latest patch or daily virus definitions.
4. Read the terms of use for Free software license and only agree if you understand and accept. The app is free but the creator may be profiting from your data.

No organization can do without antivirus and anti-spyware software. New threats are emerging all the time and there is no way to avoid contamination. The use of antivirus and anti-spyware software is just a part of comprehensive security plan.

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