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What is Guest Network?

Guest Network is a network with a separate access point on your router while still granting internet access to the user.

Why should we set up Guest Networks?

Password You may have a strong and complicated password to protect your main network. For your guest Wi-Fi, a password can be set to be simpler to input without compromising your main network. Additionally, this password can be regularly changed without impacting devices in the main network.

Privacy This kind of segregating gives the user control over who has access so that guests cannot see or access your primary network where all your shared drives, data, printers, storage appliances and personal information.

Improved network security If an infected device is connected to your Wi-Fi, it will try to contaminate everything in its range malware can spread themselves over a local network. Guest networks limit the amount of information that malware can contaminate.

Control usage A guest Wi-Fi network also lets you limit the bandwidth. We can restrict the guest network to a speed that offers reasonable access without

Types of Wi-Fi network

Most modern routers are simultaneously dual and can receive and transmit on both 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz frequencies at the same time.

By determining which device to be allocated which frequencies can prevent overcrowding at a certain frequency.


Most of the time guest networks have minimal impact on performance for most Wi-Fi networks. However, this will depend on your allocated speed which can be checked to determine suitability.

Additionally, you can control the guest user by giving them fixed activity time during the day and you can block untrusted users as well as limit the bandwidth they are allocated.

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