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Bad work performance due to technical issues?

As majority of us, our daily work and performance depends on our working devices etc., computers and laptops. It's important that our device's systems function well as we can always access to our data.

Computer downtime has a huge impact on our levels of performance which leads to lost working time and failed to deliver deadlines, thus there will be dissatisfied consumers, colleagues and employers.

In addition, it could also interrupt our concentration and get stressed out not just for ourselves but everyone is affected.

Computer downtime not only affects employee morale but also affects business revenue and customer loyalty.

In a survey done by CA Technologies, they found out an average business suffers around 14 hours of downtime every year and employees are only able to work at 63% of their usual performance.

Lastly , even when your computer system is restored and running again , based on Quorum's 2013 Disaster Recovery Report , it takes an average of 30 hours to recover from hardware and software failures , which is one of the most common causes of computer downtime.

In conclusion, computer downtime is a major cause that affects many employees working with a low level of performance.

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