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Common Wi-Fi Problems

In our daily lives, internet has a crucial involvement for our work or personal usages.

We sometimes face the connectivity Issues, and it can be frustrating to not being able to connect to the internet when you are in urgent need, especially for your work.

We will be sharing some of common Wi-Fi problem we face in our daily life and how to solve it by ourselves before getting any help.

Common Wi-Fi problems

1. Connected to Wi-Fi, but no internet

If you are facing slow or no internet access after connected to Wi-Fi, try restart your modem & router and test the connection again.

Try to connect with the Ethernet cable directly to router to test out too. If the problem persists with cable connection as well, call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to check on the issue.

Additional steps: You can isolate the cause of problem by trying to connect to a different network such as your Mobile hotspot. If you are able to connect to your mobile hotspot and access internet, the problem resides at the internet / modem or router device.

2. Connection available, but not able to connect

When this happens, the very first thing you might want check is to know if you are the only one with the issue. If this only happened to your device Turn your Wi-Fi Off on your device and turn back on and connect again.

If that doesn't work, there are a few things you can do:
i) Restart your laptop / mobile phone device, then try to connect again
ii) Forget the Wi-Fi connection, then re-add and connect again

3. A recent update broke Wi-Fi

If you realised that you are having problem connecting to internet after having latest Windows update, it is because Windows 10 updates in early 2020 had bugs that stopped some users from connecting to their Wi-Fi networks.

When this happens, it's best to wait for a patch that fixes the problem. In the meantime, remove the update and restore back your system to an earlier version to help get your connectivity back. Kindly contact us at our hotline 6295 5962 or drop us an email at should you require support assistance.

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