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How Virtual Desktop Solutions Help Your Business?

Has your business considered taking its desktops to the cloud? Desktop virtualization is technology that create a simulation workstation and allow users access a desktop from a connected device remotely or locally, instead of working in a fixed desktop environment and associated hardware from local devices. Virtual desktop solutions bring plenty advantages to end-users and IT teams and are especially beneficial to small organizations in terms of cost-savings

Traditional desktop computers are difficult to maintain, and wasted plenty time just to set up new machines to match the needs of newly onboarded employees. There are a lot of advantages of virtualization to consider before deploying this technology at your business beyond saving time and money.

Virtual Desktops Allow Mobile Access to Applications
Virtual desktop solutions make working from home easier. Virtual Desktops allows user connect to the server over a VPN without bringing their work machines home. A virtual desktop allows users secure access to every software program and all files they use at work that they otherwise wouldnít have access to on a personal machine.

Virtual Desktops Are Flexible
Every employee in an organization needs access to different programs, applications, licenses, and file folders. Virtual desktop operators grant access to applications that already stored on the server with just a few clicks instead of uploading software packages to a local machine at onboarding. Virtual desktops can be customized at the user level, making onboarding and offboarding a snap.

Virtual Desktops Are Easy to Maintain
Since all files and applications are centrally managed in the cloud, multiple end-users no longer need to download and install necessary programs separately, while the IT department no longer needs to rely on end-users to upgrade and patch applications. This can be done in single swoop across that impacts everyone. A virtualized desktop makes it easier for IT to keep track of software assets. Another advantage of desktop virtualization is that it functions as a thin client, relying solely on the network server or the cloud rather than the machine itself. This extend the lifecycle of the hardware, resulting in significant cost savings.

Virtual Desktops Are More Secure
Data and images are kept in a secure environment, and confidential information can be centrally managed to avoid data loss. Itís easier to stay on top of applying critical software updates, and administrators have more control over safeguarding the network against unauthorized access or viruses attack. Users of Virtual desktop solutions are not allowing users to copy or save data to any disc other than the server, making it difficult to get confidential information out no matter where the server is being accessed from.

Virtual Desktops Improve Productivity & Lower Costs
Standard PCs delays and contribute to businesses costs because of their longer repair cycles. In contrast, a virtual configuration takes minutes instead of hours, and end-users can enjoy access to the same applications and data anytime, anywhere. With a virtualized environment, overall IT operations costs could save up to 70% which may include IT support costs, licensing costs, capital costs and upfront purchasing cost. Statistics also shown that virtualization cut down the number of physical server, which may reduce the electrical consumption, hence lower the energy bills by significant margins.

Learn More About Virtual Desktop Solutions from Achievement Solution
Achievement Solutionís Client Access Terminal (CAT) program offers flexibility and security to small businesses from any device, anytime and anywhere. Our desktop virtualization solution allows all applications, software or solutions cloud ready or not, to be accessed anywhere. We also provide end-to-end support to help you get the most out of the cloud. Contact us today at our hotline at 6295 5962 or email us at to know more about Virtual Desktop and other Managed Cloud solutions for business.

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