Align your IT Vendor relationship

by ACM

13 May, 2019

Getting vendor is easy as the market is flooded by many IT service provider. However, getting s right vendor which best suit your business industry is not easy. Sometimes, a “right ” partner is foster through the way we engaged with them.

By creating a win win situation between you and your vendors, you should talk straight with your vendor rather than using jargon and create barriers with your vendor. It will increase the challenges to cooperate well in the future. Talking politely and sincerely to them will let them find comfortable while providing their service to you. At the same time, acknowledge your vendor’s expertise by ask for information on how their company can fill that need.

One of the sensitive topic will be money subject. Broach the money subject at the very beginning about the time you pay bills, the way you pay bills, and overdue invoice to avoid any misunderstand happening. It is hard to set target and achieve it if the person have no idea on the customer’s expectation. Clarify early your expectations on the outcome may help the IT vendor to effectively work on it and avoid any unachieved result lead to disappointment occur. Engagement with your IT vendor is significantly crucial to let them know your feedback. By addressing the unsatisfied results to your vendor will help them doing their continuous improvement on their services and product. A good service provider will appreciate on the feedback provided no matter good or bad.

When talking to vendors, tell them when their product and services led to a success and be specific about what they do well. This kind of affirmation will help them know how to continue to best serve you and you will expecting to receive a more satisfying result by giving them recognition from time to time.

Returns call and emails on a frequent basis to your IT vendor. If you answer them right away, they will be more likely to show the same courtesy to you. Many of the company was having only agreement with the IT vendor but not establish relationship. However, without effective communication with your vendor, most of the company choosing simply tolerates and this will lead to ineffective result. The money and time given by the company to the IT vendor will be wasted and IT vendor will be less motivated to achieving a better result due to less expectation from their customers. Company should plan their future strategic plan and let their vendor on board. If your current vendor is unwilling to have those discussions or unequipped to deal with change, then it is time to reevaluate that relationship and find a new vendor who can strategically align with your goals.

Vendors should not be viewed as independent, and can automatically well fit in the company strategic goal. By ignoring the potential of vendor relationships, manufacturers are missing a key business opportunity. Manufacturers and vendors have align objectives, growth for one means growth for the other. However, if you do not strategically align those objectives in terms of the specifics of your relationship, you will be fall out of synchronized with your IT vendor. Conversely, when you and your vendor have an understanding and are working toward a common goal, you can leverage each other’s strength and rely on the other’s capabilities. Open communication and cooperative planning will benefit everyone and contribute hugely to overall growth.

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