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10 Most Common IT Problems For Businesses

1: Poor/Nonexistent Network Security
One of the most crucial parts of making your business safe is network security which avoiding common IT problems that little or no network security could bring.
For any sized business, it is important to have a safe and secure network.
Hackers do not segregate when it comes to infiltrating your business files and employee data. Occasionally, small business was easily targeted by cybercriminals as they might not have a sturdy security policy or could be intruded as simple as having a friendly phone call to your staff
Cybersecurity is something to be proactive about, and you can be meticulous in ensuring your technology devices and network are safe and secure.

2: Absence of professional or qualified experience
Did you heard of Managed IT Services? In order to outsource your managed IT services, it is unnecessary to get rid of some employees from your IT department as an experienced and knowledgeable managed IT services provider could aid and monitor email, web hosting data storage, server, network maintenance and more.
In addition, a managed IT service professional could also supervise and manage on your most complicated IT issues, free up your in-house staff, allowing them to focus on less technical issues that might be complex for them to tackle on a daily basis and doing new projects instead.
They could also create new initiatives that can boost your business operations.

3: The Vanquishing of old technology
It is frustrating to have old and slow-working IT systems to keep failing and could not have the resources to fix them as how outdated they are.
The implementation and fast installation of this new technology is one of the best ways to resolve a common IT issue such as old technology.
A managed IT team is an outstanding resource for your company as they are always finding for new and updated technology the second it comes out on the market. The newer and more updated your IT systems are, the lesser IT problems you will have now and in the future.

4: Lack of Data Backup/ Backup Issues
It is always heartbreaking to find out all of your data is lost which is mainly caused by overloaded routers but instead, if you have a solid backup strategy, all the lost data will be recovered rapidly.
As mentioned earlier on security, a data back-up plan is mandatory for any size of the company as failing to back-up your data could be correlated with costing your business funds which associated with a data breach can cost you thousands of dollars.

5: Unprotected Security of mobile devices
Mobile devices tend to hold confidential information or have the access to your corporate network which could cause significant security and management challenges.
With the amount of work we all do nowadays, a mobile device plan is compulsory when assessing common IT problems.
It is essential that all mobile users have their device’s password protected at all times and to prevent cybercriminals from stealing information when our mobile device is on public networks by changing password regularly, encrypt their data and download security apps.
Lastly if your device is stolen or lost, be sure to report and inform this to your staff.

6: Excessive Employees Have Access to Data & Information
Even though it is crucial for all employees at your company to be equipped with the tools they need for their job, but however such as network passwords and information is not necessary for employees to have all access control as it could put your company’s data systems at risk.
Employees should have limited access which are only needed for their specific job duties and not being able to install any software without permission from you or the IT controller.

7: Lack of an IT Plan
There are certain IT issues that could be resolved or prevented but not to a security breach or natural disaster which an IT plan and managed IT services team will be able to handle efficiently.
Outsourcing your company’s IT needs requires meticulous consideration and planning, being educated with managed IT services will greatly benefit your business in more than a way.
Managed IT services save your employees time, your business funds, providing you remote monitoring for a safer network, bringing subject matter professionals and lastly, providing you access to more customizable services.

8: Tangled/Messy Cable
This is one of the most common IT problems for businesses even though it is more of a common sense, but do hear us out.
Most of the computers, printers and copiers provide so many various functions. The more function it provides, the more number of cables and cords attached to a machine.
You might even feel overwhelmed by the amount of cables running in and out of the system that you are scared to touch anything at all.
However, most of the external cables connected to your machine are simple, typically consisting of:
Power cable, USB cable, Ethernet cable and Extra hook up cables, such as a keyboard or mouse.
Spend a little time to learn about cable and "plug in” placement, be it wall or a device. This tip is efficient in the future when an IT problem appears again.
Occasionally you have a loose cord that keeps slip out of your machine. Double check all your cables and cables and wires when a problem arises to ensure the cables are all securely plugged in.

Using good judgment when using the internet is vital in protecting your company and avoiding the common IT problem of an unsecured network.
A realistic example of an IT scam:
"CONGRATULATIONS! You have won a free iPhone XS Max! Click here to claim your prize now!”
Advertisements like this are ripe with malware and other software that puts your computer at a high-security risk.
Learning how to judge the relative safety of a website could prevent those that may harm your computer. The reason that these types of email offers exist is because they work.
The number of scams taking place each day on the internet is frightening, but also something you can prevent by being cautious of the sites you visit and the information you release.

10: Hardware/Software Issues
Always getting system failure or error messages? When it comes to software and IT, it’s no secret that it’s not a matter of "if" it will break, but "when."
Unfortunately, when it does break, a simple reboot of your laptop or smartphone is not going to solve it. Having insufficient necessary resources present to replace and repair the software will result in significant loss, perhaps it might even be company-wide.
Many businesses also forget that all technology devices have a lifespan, no matter how advanced they might seem. Manufacturers are in the business of selling you their latest and greatest products so sometimes, repairs can even cost more than purchasing a brand new machine or device.
Learn the life cycle of all IT devices and put it to rest at the proper time and standardize your hardware components and software applications. You don’t have to do this on your own as outsourcing your IT could be another effective solution that you can consider in doing so.

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