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10 Benefits of using NAS (Network Attached Storage)

For any institution or business to run efficiently, there is a need to have a reliable data storage solution. It is worth noting that data storage solutions are mainly cloud-based or local or cloud-based. However, a NAS device is like a blend of both local and cloud-based data storage solutions.

A NAS device has its connection throughout an entire network, whereby a huge number of PCs can access it provided they are on the same network. Highlighted below are the main advantages of using network-attached storage.

1. Increased Storage Space
A NAS device will add sufficient storage space to a local computer, thereby boosting the available storage space for total efficiency. It is worth noting that most computers and laptops have limited storage space, which could hinder smooth operations for their business.

It is cost-effective to adopt NAS storage devices, especially because one does not have to purchase a certain amount of space for individual users. By using a NAS device, space is pooled together in a manner that one only uses just the amount of space they need, thereby freeing space for data-hungry users.

2. Flawless Collaboration
It is stressful when one has to keep emailing a certain document in order to collaborate a certain report, especially because this ends up creating a lot of clone copies of the said document. However, when using a NAS device, documents are available from one central location to be easily accessed by anyone.

3. Private Cloud Storage
The convenience of cloud storage can never be underestimated. However, for anyone storing sensitive information in a cloud-based system, there is fear about who has the access to their information. Luckily for anyone with such fear, a NAS device will allow efficient cloud-based storage without the possibility of snooping.

4. Automated Data Backup
Consistent data backup is integral to the continuity of an institution or business, especially in the instance their hard disks sustain a crash. When one is using a NAS device, it is possible to configure automatic backups which will reflect any changes to folders or documents made locally on a PC.

5. Data Protection
There are those accidents that will damage our computers, thereby compromising the data stored therein. A laptop could just drop and get damaged, or a drink could accidentally spill on a laptop and ruin every piece of data stored in it. Fortunately, when one uses a NAS device that is not affected by the failures of local hardware, their data is safe.

6. Simple Server Setup Procedure
The process of setting up a NAS device is not hard, and this is a relief to anyone who wishes to utilize its many benefits. Most NAS devices us a simplified web-based interface that makes it easy for one to set up and be able to access the settings.

7. Enjoy Your Own Media Server
Whereas it is important to have your own media server, you will not get these services from using popular cloud storage facilities. But, when one is using a NAS drive, this becomes absolutely possible. At Achievement Solutions, we are always prepared to provide you with the best NAS devices.

8. Best Bang for Your Buck
With a NAS device, one is assured of the best data storage system as well as the best backup system. This means that one does not need to look for these two important services separately, as they are provided in an all-in-one package.

9. Peace of Mind
It is very important for a person to have lasting peace of mind, this way they are assured of a great quality of life. Any business that has a NAS device installed will always feel comfortable knowing that their data is always safe, there is an efficient flow of operations, and there is always ample space for everyone’s needs.

10. Remote Access
We, Achievement Solutions will always ensure that institutions and businesses have access to great NAS devices. This device is revolutionary as it will allow one to access their files at anywhere any time. Any modern institution or business should ensure that they have network-attached storage for optimal success.

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