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If you rely on the Internet to run your business – both to connect to customers and clients in the outside world, and to operate within the walls of your office - the cables you rely on, it matters.
In fact, they matter a whole lot.
Good network cabling can make the difference between a company that is tech-savvy and intelligent with and one that seems old-fashioned and obsolete. There some good reasons as to why good network cabling actually matters for your business.

Poor Network Cabling Can Cause Downtime
If your network cabling is disorganized or faulty, it could be a real headache as it could result in real downtime. A badly designed network closet can mean tangled wires under constant pressure, which can create a slow connection. In fact, with your wires scattered about, your internet connection might not work at all. Imagine being cut off from your clients and your data because you didn't want to clean up the nest of wires in your room. The point is that downtime can cost your company significant valuable time and money. By avoiding bad cabling, you can help to ensure your physical network connections are always ready to perform at 100%.

Bad Cables Affects Internet Speed
Having the wrong cables in your server room can spell doom for your internet speed. Old cables that have been compressed, squished, and otherwise abused throughout their life perform poorly. Inside an ethernet cable, multiple other cables carry electrical signals. When these cables get mashed beyond recognition, the barriers between these cables can break down and cause network interruption. That's why it's important to choose sturdy cables for your server room - and to change out ones that are damaged and old.

Clean Closets Make For Faster Troubleshooting
You don't want anything to go wrong with your network cabling. But sometimes things go wrong, despite your best efforts. In short, you want to be able to fix the issues quickly. If your network is cabled neatly and properly, IT teams can easily solve the problem within the network closet to repair. On the other hand, if you have a messy server room that looks like a spaghetti dish, it can take longer to track down the problem and address it.

You Can Extend the Life of Your Networking Equipment
When your network cabling is done poorly (like being tangled all together and shoved inside a server rack), it can greatly shorten the lifespan of the cables and the equipment they're attached to. When you've got disorganized networking equipment and tangled, cramped, and messy into a small room, it can quickly get hot. Proximity causes heat, and heat can damage the cabling. But having a professional to manage your network cabling properly, you can maximize your equipment's lifespan. Professionals can ensure you're getting the most out of your investment in a very expensive server and set of network cables.

Partner with the Pros
If your networking cabling at your company is a mess, or you want to make sure that you cable your network so it operates as efficiently and smoothly as possible, consider getting in touch with the experts at Achievement Solution. You could contact us either by our hotline at 6295 5962, or email us at

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