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7 Important Considerations When Choosing A Dedicated Server Providers

Overall value
Everyone has a budget, and itís important to choose a provider that fits within that budget. However, price shouldnít be the first or only consideration. Many times, it can end up costing you more in the long run by simply choosing the cheapest option. Take a close look at what the provider offers in the other six categories we will cover in this guide, and then ask yourself if the overall value aligns with the price you will pay to run the reliable business you strive for.

What are other businesses and people saying about a provider? Is it good, bad or is there nothing at all? A great way to know if a provider is worthy and reliable of your business is to learn from the experience of others. Some websites provide a community where others are talking about hosting and hosting related topics. There is one way to help decide on a provider is to simply ask the community for feedback. Of course, you can do some due diligence ahead of time by simply searching the providerís name in the search function.

Businesses today demand to be online and available to their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Anything less means you are probably losing money. Choosing the lowest priced hosting might seem like a good idea at first, but you have to ask yourself is the few dollars you save every month worth the headache and lost revenue if your website is offline. The answer is generally, no.

You only need it, when you need it. Even if you are administering your own server, having reliable, 24◊7 support available when you need it is critical. If you do not wish to have a hard time reaching someone when you need them most, look for service providers that offer multiple support channels such as email, live chat and phone.

Service level agreements
These are the promises your provider is making to you in exchange for your payment(s). With the competitiveness of the hosting market today, you should not choose a provider that doesnít offer important Service Level Agreements such as uptime, hardware replacement, deployment times and support response times.

Businesses go through several phases of their lifecycle. It is important to find a provider that can meet the needs of each phase and will allow you to quickly scale up or down based on your needs at any given time. Whether you are a mature business looking to expand into new areas or are getting ready to launch and need to keep your costs low, a flexible provider that can meet these needs will allow you to focus on your business and not worry about finding someone to solve your infrastructure headaches.

Hardware quality
Business applications demand 24x7 environments and therefore need to run on hardware that can support those demands. Itís important to make sure that the provider you select offers server-grade hardware but not desktop-grade, which is built for only 40 hour work weeks. The last thing you want is for components to start failing, causing your services to be unavailable to your customers.

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