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5 Ways a Dedicated Server Can Benefit Your Business

A dedicated server leverages the power and scalability. With a dedicated server, your business realizes a compound return on its monthly investment in the following ways:

1. Exclusive use of dedicated resources
When you have your own dedicated server, you get the entire web server for your exclusive use. This is a significant advantage when comparing dedicated hosting vs shared hosting.

The server's RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc., now belong to you. You have exclusive use of all the CPU or RAM and bandwidth. Even at peak business times, you will still continue to get peak performance.

You have root access to the server. You can add your own configure settings, software, and access to the server logs. Root access is the key advantage of dedicated servers. Again, it goes back to exclusivity.

So, within the limits of propriety, the way you decide to use your dedicated hosting plan is your business.

You can also run your applications or implement special server security measures, and even use a different operating system from your provider. In short, you can drive your website the way you drive your business-in a scalable, flexible and responsive way.

2. Flexibility in managing your growing business
A dedicated server can accommodate your growing business needs. With a dedicated server, you can decide on your own server configuration. As your business grows, you can modify or add more existing services and applications. You remain more flexible when unexpected markets materialize or new opportunities arise.

It is scalability for customizing to your needs. If you need more backup, storage or processing, the dedicated server is your platform.

Also, today's consumers have higher expectations. They want the convenience of quick access to your products. A dedicated server serves your customers with fast page loading and better user experience. If you serve them, they will return.

3. Improved reliability and performance
A dedicated server provides reliability and peak performance. Reliability is one of the benefits of exclusivity. It also means that server crashes are far unlikely. Your website has extra resources during periods of high volume traffic. If your front end includes image displays and videos, you have the bandwidth you need. Second, only good website designs are speed and performance. The power of a dedicated server contributes to the optimum customer experience.

Managed dedicated web hosting is a powerful solution for businesses. Even though it comes with a higher cost than shared hosting, but you get high power, bandwidth, and storage to host your business.

A dedicated server provides a fast foothold on the web without upfront capital expenses. You have exclusive use of the server, and it is yours alone. Don't overlook technical assistance advantages. You or your IT teams oversee your website.

Despite that vigilance, sometimes you need outside help. Many dedicated hosting solutions come with equally watchful technicians. With managed hosting, someone at the server end is available for troubleshooting around the clock.

4. Security through data separation
Dedicated servers permit access only to your company.

The server infrastructure includes firewalls and security monitoring.

This means greater security against:

  • Malware and hacks: The host's network monitoring, secure firewalls, and strict access controls allow you to concentrate on your core business.
  • Preventing denial of service attacks: Data separation isolates your dedicated server from the hosting company's data and services belonging to other customers. That separation ensures quick recovery from backend exploits.
You can also implement your own higher levels of security and install your applications to run on the server. Those applications can include new layers of security and access control.

This adds a level of protection to your customer and proprietary business data. You safeguard your customer and business data, again, through separation.

5. No capital or upfront expense Upfront capital expense outlays are no longer the best way to finance technology. Technology advances outpace their supporting platforms in a game of expensive leapfrog. Growing businesses need to reserve capital for other areas.

Hosting providers provide reasonable fees meanwhile offering top of the line equipment.

A dedicated hosting provider company can serve many clients. The cost of that service is a fraction of what you would pay to do it in-house. Plus you have the bonuses of physical security and technical support.

If you wish to have a healthy working environment, have a server on your own or lease a server, we are here to help! Our Achievement Solution (ACM) has plenty of server plans you could choose from, from leasing a server to owning a dedicated server. We could also advise you which server plan is the best fit for your business. So what are you waiting for? Contact us by either our email at or by our hotline at 62955962 today

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