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Do You Unknowingly Use A Dangerous Browser Extension?

There are several browser add-ons available that may speed up, boost productivity, and customize our online experience. While the majority of them perform their intended functions, some of them are not at all intended to be of assistance to you.

Unintentionally downloading a malicious browser extension might reduce your productivity and potentially inundate your work with intrusive advertisements. Moreover, it might alter your search engine and direct you to affiliate websites when you make purchases. The extension's designers profit from these actions.

Do You Unknowingly Use A Dangerous Browser Extension? 1

More than 4 million of the company's clients have reportedly been subjected to adware attacks over the past couple of years, according to a recent analysis from a cyber-security firm. People frequently were not aware of being attacked.

Do You Unknowingly Use A Dangerous Browser Extension? 2

How may I be impacted by this?

In a more sinister situation, these malicious extensions can be concealing genuine malware that might harm your machine. Due to this, critical information, like login credentials or even payment information, may be stolen. Malware may naturally propagate over a whole network.

It's critical that only download browser extensions from reputable and trusted sites in order to protect your company and its data from the risk of harmful browser extensions. Look at ratings and read reviews. A browser is definitely scam if it looks too wonderful to be true.

Do You Unknowingly Use A Dangerous Browser Extension? 3

You as the company's owner could also consider limiting the extensions that your staff is allowed to install.

Together with considering up-to-date software protection and security training for your staff, we can assist with this. Please reach out to us either by our hotline at 6259 5962 or email us at and we will help you.

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