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Is a Firewall Necessary?

A firewall is a crucial component of a company's security system. Your network would be vulnerable without it. A firewall manages the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on security settings that you may modify and control, keeping disruptive and destructive forces out.

An introduction to firewalls

The phrase "firewall" referred to a physical wall that would stop a structure or vehicle from catching fire, giving inhabitants more time to flee. The same principles apply to a software or hardware firewall that you may have installed on your computer or network. It is meant to prevent the "fire" (in this case, cyber-attacks) from getting through, much like the wall.

You can stop unauthorized access to your network and machines with an efficient firewall. By doing this, your data is safeguarded. You also get a dditional defense against malware and viruses thanks to it. Any suspicious or harmful activity trying to reach your private network from the internet will be blocked by a firewall.

If you want to keep all unauthorized traffic out of your network, your business needs a hardware-based firewall, which you might not have at home. You may manage the data that machines on your network send to the outside world by using a business-class firewall. By knowing what kinds of emails are being sent from your network, you may stop employees from transmitting important or secret information.

Manage Traffic Going Both Ways

Is a Firewall Necessary?1

Both incoming and outgoing internet traffic may be managed by a firewall. This implies that in addition to banning dangerous information from the outside of your network, you may opt to limit access to particular websites within your network. In order to prevent your network from becoming infected with malware, you can, for instance, prevent your employees from visiting potentially dangerous or risky websites. To increase your employees' overall productivity, you can also decide to ban offensive or unrelated websites.

Is a firewall something You need?

Your company will see a marked reduction in risk thanks to an efficient, controlled firewall. Your company might quickly fall victim to a cyberattack without a firewall, resulting in the loss of all of your crucial data. Not only would this cause a disruption in corporate operations, but it would also likely lower productivity and harm your brand and image.

Is a Firewall Necessary? 2

Did you realize? After a cyberattack, 60% of small firms fail within six months.

Every machine linked to the internet may be readily probed by cybercriminals in an effort to break into their systems. Without a firewall, they can have access to your crucial data and add, remove, or maliciously use them. The consequences of this might be severe, frequently resulting in significant financial loss, harm to one's image, and fines from the authorities.

However, a firewall that is correctly set up, kept up, and watched over will safeguard your devices, network, and data. It's crucial to make sure your firewall has the capability to control both regular and encrypted internet traffic without hindering device performance or jeopardizing security. If you work with a reliable IT support provider, they will manage and configure the firewall for you in addition to handling any security upgrades. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that a group of IT professionals is taking care of your firewall and defending your company from fresh threats.

Why implementing the appropriate cyber security measures is essential right now

Cyber risks were a bigger worry for both organizations and people in 2022, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. Since personnel, equipment, and systems are now more vulnerable to attack, cybercriminals are making use of the recent increase in remote and hybrid working. As a result, they are developing assaults that are more sophisticated, focused, and common. In fact, the first few months of the initial shutdown saw the discovery of almost 4,000 new, dangerous COVID-related websites, according to Cyber Crime Magazine. The number of assaults has continued to climb, therefore, this is not expected to slow down.

Is a Firewall Necessary? 3

As a result, companies need to be more proactive than ever when it comes to their cyber security, and having a strong firewall in place will help with this.

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