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3 Suggestions for Updating Your Technology in The Coming Year

A new beginning is here with the arrival of the new year! You should also update your technology. These 3 suggestions can help you update your technology in the coming year!

3 Suggestions for Updating Your Technology in The Coming Year 1

1. Verify whether any warranties are about to expire.

Keep track of your gadgets and their warranties even if you don't have a comprehensive inventory of them! You should always have the details of the warranty on hand since you never know when you might need to repair an item. Technology constantly breaks down, usually when it's least expected, and not knowing whether your gadget is still covered by warranty will make that loss of your time and money much subtler.

If your gadget is under warranty, you will receive some support to help you troubleshoot any problems you may be experiencing with it. If required, your equipment may even be totally replaced! If your device's warranty has expired or is nonexistent, you will be responsible for paying the repair costs. You never know when you might need those warranties, so have them on hand!

3 Suggestions for Updating Your Technology in The Coming Year 2

2. Dispose of old technology

It is expensive and could be dangerous to keep outdated and unneeded equipment around. Bring your outdated technology to a certified recycler for disposal, including everything from mouse to hard drives! For anything that could contain sensitive data, make sure to obtain a certificate of destruction.

Starting an inventory of your technology at this time would be fantastic as well! You'll be much more organized in the new year if you have a fast reference guide with the date of purchase, serial numbers, brand, and warranty details!

3 Suggestions for Updating Your Technology in The Coming Year 3

3. Get Rid of Obsolete Files and Profiles

Clean up some space on your PC as the new year approaches! In case you needed a reminder, now is the time to delete some of the outdated files that have been clogging up your computer! Go through your document, download, and photo directories and remove everything you don't need anymore. Check the software that is already operating on your computer; do you still require those apps that you seldom ever use? Last but not least, clear up the recycle bin of all the files you just deleted.

And while we're talking about organizing and decluttering your files, the new year is a fantastic opportunity to switch to Microsoft's OneDrive for online storage of your files!

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