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7 Benefits of Hosted Anti-Spam

Hosted anti-spam solutions can easily and quickly bolt on to your existing email solution, providing you with immediate benefit for very little effort. In this blog post, I shall take you through the 7 main reasons to go for a hosted anti-spam service:

1. No more single points of failure
Hosted anti-spam service providers can use multiple Internet connections to eliminate connectivity failures, and when your circuit goes down, you can queue up messages to ensure delivery as soon as your connection is restored. Hosted anti-spam solutions can also provide your users with access to their email through a simple web browser if they cannot access your webmail system.

2. Anti-malware
Hosted anti-spam solutions typically include anti-malware, adding the protection of anti-virus and anti-phishing to the overall solution.

3. Save bandwidth and storage space
With so much of today's email consisting of junk and spam messages, anti-spam filters out all the garbage before it starts to consume your bandwidth or use up space on your server.

4. Filter inbound and outbound messages
Hosted anti-spam solutions not only filter inbound messages, but they can also filter outbound email, preventing your company from a user accidentally sending out spam messages that could damage your company’s reputation.

5. Archive
Some of the best hosted anti-spam providers can also provide email archiving, to assist with storage issues as well as to meet compliance.

6. User self-service
The best hosted anti-spam solutions provide users with their quarantine folders and daily reports, letting them take care of themselves when it comes to checking for false positives, releasing valid messages, and searching for that alleged missing email.

7. Email continuity
Using a hosted anti-spam service means your users can continue accessing, sending and responding to email messages, even while the mail server is offline and in the case of an on-premise mail server outage or a network outage.

With all the benefits offered by hosted anti-spam solutions, email admins owe it to themselves to check out these services!

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