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Does Your Office Need Mesh Wi-Fi?

A fascinating new line of wireless equipment dubbed mesh Wi-Fi networks may have caught your attention if you've been following the development of small business infrastructure. You might also ponder whether a mesh Wi-Fi arrangement is appropriate for your workplace. This article describes the concept of a mesh Wi-Fi network, how it differs from his current Wi-Fi configuration, and the issue he is attempting to resolve.

For signal distribution around the office, traditional wireless networks use wireless routers coupled with broadband modems. The strength of the signal decreases as you go further away from your router. Depending on the size of the area you want to cover, you can add expansion boxes, each with its own network.

Does Your Office Need Mesh Wi-Fi? 1

Traditional Wi-Fi networks have the following benefits:

  • Cheaper than alternate networks such mesh networks
  • Highly adaptable
  • Abundant third-party support

The following are some drawbacks of traditional networks:
  • Signal quality declines as you get farther away from the node
  • Multiple logins may be necessary for user management
  • Interference possibility

Does Your Office Need Mesh Wi-Fi? 2

Mesh Wi-Fi
Mesh Wi-Fi configurations use a mesh technology to link satellite nodes to other satellites in the network and then back to a single modem. In contrast to conventional configurations, each satellite has a number of peers it can use to route traffic to and from the router. There won't be any convoluted juggling of pointless login pages because everyone will always be working on the same network, regardless of where they are in the office or which node they are connected through. With no dead spots and the same signal intensity.

The majority of mesh Wi-Fi products come with everything you need to get started, including the router, satellites, and monitoring and configuration tools. Each component follows to the same design principles and is built to work with the others.

Any Hidden Problem?
Performance costs are incurred for each additional hop away from the center node. Depending on the users and devices you have, where and how they'll be using their bandwidth will determine whether or not this matters.

Since mesh Wi-Fi installations are still a relatively new product on the market, there aren't as many options available. Additionally, you might not have access to certain sophisticated configuration choices and third-party support alternatives that you are accustomed to. When choosing a configuration, it is important to thoroughly evaluate and take into account the needs of the office.

Does Your Office Need Mesh Wi-Fi? 3

Mesh Wi-Fi networks have the following advantages
  • Single Network login (SSID and password)
  • SMultipath traffic routing

Mesh Wi-Fi network drawbacks include:
  • higher price compared to conventional routers with extenders,
  • lack of flexibility,
  • lack of third-party assistance
  • lack of available options.

Which Solutions is best for you?
It's always advisable to have a specialist assist in designing and implementing the optimal solution for any wireless network. To find out more about the setup that will work best for your office, get in touch with us right away.

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