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Hiring In-House Vs Tech Vendor, Which is a better option?

Hiring In-House IT Staff, the physical location and proximity of an in-house department is an advantage, being available on-site means that reaction time is faster and first-level support issues can be addressed almost instantly. However, an in-house IT department can spend a huge amount of time working through a particular single issue.

A small in-house team is required to be able to cover the amount and complexity of work that needs to be managed in order to keep your entire IT infrastructure in shape. This need for a broad range of expertise, for example, networking, to gather a full-service in-house IT department which is a huge staffing cost is required. In addition, the administration of full time employees and the management also needs to be put into consideration. This also includes benefits, allowances and leave.

Unfortunately, an internal IT engineer tends to have difficulties to prioritize properly as they're so close to the problem, dealing with a large number of urgent issues which required immediate attention such as printer problems and forgotten passwords, this leads to a waste of valuable time, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

Employing in-house is equivalent to an increase in fixed overheads, whereas outsourcing is a more flexible operational expense (OpEx). Employing an external staff is a long-term investment, with a support management contract in place, it's far more cost effective.

Most managed service providers (MSPs) will engage an extensive team with specialist skills across the full spectrum of IT, making sure that they are able to fix mostly any problem you face. They're also bound to be certified with suppliers and obliged to keep their knowledge on developments in the IT world current. With up-to-date understanding, they're able to provide you with tactical and strategic services to keep your infrastructure and systems compliant and in line with recommended, modern-day best-practices.

In-house employees will get sick, go on holidays and want to take a break on weekends. But if you're outsourcing your IT helpdesk, you can rest assured as you're hiring an entire team to ensure your IT is monitored around the clock by using advanced infrastructure monitoring tools to manage and monitor your systems and network. This approach means that they're able to detect potential issues before they become bigger problems, it can also be fixed prior to complete disaster and proactively making the necessary changes.
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