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Anti-Spam: Safeguarding Your Inbox

Spam is frequently used as the major conduit by cybercriminals to spread malware. Unwanted email has long ceased to be merely a source of advertising services or products. This threat's main disadvantage is the time it takes to delete all spam mails from your inbox.

The disadvantages of unsolicited emails

Anti-Spam: Safeguarding Your Inbox 2

It is no secret that fraudsters employ spam as a distribution mechanism for malware because the messages typically contain harmful attachments. Spam may also include a link to a malicious website that is the target of a phishing scam or contain malicious code.

This means that once they are in the inbox, these emails could act as a backdoor for a financial Trojan and be used to steal money from online banking systems.

Consider that hackers are always improving their social engineering skills, which are subsequently used to create effective phishing messages. For example, our consultants are seeing an increase in phishing messages masquerading as financial paperwork. These may include: traffic fine notifications, bank transfer confirmations, reminders on overdue payments, cash transfers, online orders, claims, e-tickets, and so on.

Tips to keep your inbox clean

Anti-Spam: Safeguarding Your Inbox 3

Please follow the simple steps to deal with the never-ending stream of unwanted emails:

  • Maintain two email accounts: one 'public' and one 'private'. Use the latter exclusively to communicate with people you know.
  • It is strongly advised to use alternative credentials. And, of course, never use the same password for all accounts: while this tip isn't very useful for combating spam, it will assist in avoiding some problems in the event of malware infection or breach.
  • Never use your 'private' email address on the web, and never use it to register for web resources, this is exactly what your 'public' email address is for.
  • If you receive a spam message or an email from an unknown sender in your Inbox, do not open attachments or click on links. And don't even think about responding to such communications.
  • Utilize security solutions that employ advanced anti-spam technologies.

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