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Why Your Business Needs to Install a Server

What is A Server?
A server is a sophisticated computer that stores data that is shared across a network, making it a perfect solution for centralizing corporate information and assisting you in working more efficiently.

However, due to the high initial cost and the requirement for control by the entire IT department, small firms may be hesitant to deploy servers to manage their networks. Their worries are valid, yet you should think about establishing server/client networking for the following reasons.

Why Your Business Needs to Install a Server 1

How do servers benefit your business?

  • 1. File and Network Security
    Servers safeguard company data by offering a more dependable and secure infrastructure. It has a built-in firewall and security-enhanced remote access to keep unauthorized users out of your network.

    By keeping your PCs and servers up to date with the latest updates, server helps to protect the integrity of your network.

  • 2. Network Resource Centralization
    A server serves as a central repository for company data. This means you can better manage your mission-critical data. Employees can search, access, and share information and schedules with ease. The employee can work from nearly anywhere, at any time, by accessing email, internal websites, network files, and even business apps. Employees can use servers to share resources and equipment such as Internet access, printers, and fax machines.

  • 3. Backup Centralization
    The server prevents data loss by performing automatic backups and allowing you to simply restore unintentionally deleted files or prior versions.

    Why Your Business Needs to Install a Server 2

  • 4. Enhanced Internet Speed
    A server can provide high-speed Internet access over your network. Servers provide more computing power. Boost your network by storing massive amounts of data, freeing up disk space, and improving individual PC performance.

  • 5. Management of Virus Threats
    Viruses, spyware, and malware represent a substantial danger to business network security. It can be really difficult to handle. Its purpose is to provide security.

    On the other side, managing virus threats in server-client networks is much simpler. This is due to the fact that a strong antivirus product placed on your server can protect your entire network and any machines connected to it.

    To save money on antivirus software, we recommend creating a server-client network in your company rather than a peer-to-peer network.

Why Your Business Needs to Install a Server 4

Server Specialist at ACM
ACM is a server installation specialist with deep technical knowledge and skill in delivering, transferring, and supporting server solutions that match your business objectives.

Please contact us at 6295 5962 or email us at if you would like to learn more about the role servers play in boosting your business or about recommended server solutions.

Whatever your requirements are, ACM will locate the best server solution for your company.

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