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How to avoid IP address conflicts in networks?

How to avoid IP address conflicts in networks?

What is IP address?

An IP address or Internet protocol address is the identification number given to specific device in network such as a computer, mobile phone, routers, switches and others. This code allows devices to communicate across the network to help information flow properly. A device’s IP address is made up of 32 numbers joined together by periods and must be unique within its network to function.

What is IP address conflicts?

An IP address conflict occurs when two computers connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) assigned with the same IP address. When this happens, the network interface on systems becomes disabled and it causes each system to have network connectivity issue until the IP address conflict is resolved.

How to avoid IP address conflicts in networks? 1

Methods to avoid IP address conflict in networks

Below are some methods to avoid IP address conflicts issue.

  • 1. In networks where IP addresses are statically assigned, to ensure each device is configured with unique IP address.
  • 2. To use DHCP server and make sure the DHCP servers are configured properly so that there are no IP addresses having the same IP address assignment.
  • 3. To avoid DHCP malfunction and to ensure that firmware on the DHCP servers are up to date.
  • 4. To enable IP address conflict detection in DHCP server
  • 5. To use shorter DHCP lease times in DHCP server settings.
  • 6. Do not allow end users to modify IP addresses by restricting them in Group Policy
  • 7. To work with reserved IP addresses and document it

How to avoid IP address conflicts in networks? 2

You now understand what an IP address dispute is, how two devices can share the same IP address, and how to resolve duplicate IP addresses. Unless you`ve messed around with static IP choices, you're unlikely to have a clash on your home network. If you have a duplicate IP problem, please contact us at or call us at 6259 5962.

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