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It's Time to Change Your Website to HTTPS

In today IT world, HTTP has been gradually replaced by HTTPS, the main reason is HTTP proven to have many security problems.

HTTP protocol does not have any encryption and authentication mechanisms, and is very prone to eavesdropping, hijacking, and tampering, which will cause serious security problems such as personal privacy leakage and malicious traffic hijacking. Secondly, browsers will also mark HTTP websites as unsafe. In order to successfully launch the website, it is necessary to change HTTP to HTTPS.

It's Time to Change Your Website to HTTPS 1

How to implement the transformation project from HTTP to HTTPS, there are three main procedures:

After the certificate is deployed and installed, a comprehensive inspection of the website is actually required. Otherwise, the following aspects are particularly easy to ignore:
First, your website has realized automatic redirection of HTTPS? Whether the website can automatically jump from "HTTP" to "HTTPS" when "HTTPS" is not manually added when the website is accessed. If automatic redirection is not implemented, customers will still access unencrypted HTTP links in the future.

It's Time to Change Your Website to HTTPS 2

Second, your website loads other CSS styles, pictures, videos and other resources that do not implement HTTPS? Is there any other links on the website that are not HTTPS? If the HTTP resources referenced by the website are not modified, the browser will prompt the website "not fully encrypted" or "incomplete security".

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