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Why a managed firewall is important to business

An up-to-date firewall can help you protect your organization's network while allowing legitimate business communication to be sent and received. It keeps bad actors out and can be used to keep employees away from insecurity or non-work-related sites.

While a firewall provides excellent security and protection, it needs monitoring and management. Monitoring your firewall is an intensive, time-consuming, and expensive task that requires regular upgrades and security expertise. Numerous organizations lack time, internal expertise, and capital to monitor their firewalls around-the-clock. For these companies, having a managed firewall is an affordable and effective solution.

How a Managed Firewall Works

A managed firewall is a service that offers enhanced threat management. Security experts monitor your firewall remotely and can help to prevent any potential threats. To accomplish this, study your network traffic and learn what normal traffic looks like for your business. When any unusual activity is detected, it can be identified and addressed in a shorter time.

Also your provider will perform routine traffic analysis and send regular reports to you so that you will have a clear sense of your network traffic patterns and understand how your managed services team is managing threats to your network

Expertise Made Affordable by the Economy of Scale

The beauty of IT services is like managing a firewall is their ability to leverage economies of scale to offer companies the cybersecurity they need, at an affordable price. In the past, the only option was to create an in-house security solution for your network, which you had to pay for through capital expenditure.

Here are 3 advantages that a managed firewall can enhance your company

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