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What's We Provide

Professional System Maintenance

Managing hard drive space, scanning the system for errors, and defragmenting the hard drive on a regular basis can so to keep your system functioning efficiently.

Keep Your Hardware Longer Life

Preventive hardware maintenance can prolong the life of your equipment. This can result in reduced costs, not to mention an improved bottom line.

Reduced Risk of Data Loss

A professional maintenance service is a practical approach to saving your business from unforeseen problems including data loss or hardware damage.

Routine Safety Check

Conducting routine cleaning and maintenance not only improves the life of your hardware but also detects potential fire hazards such as damaged cords or blocked cooling fans.

IT Advisory Services

Professional consultation with our board-certified and experienced engineers to help you further understand your IT challenges and business requirements.

Preventive Maintenance

Proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure to minimise risks of downtime and threats to security.

What's The Difference?

Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance is scheduled at regular intervals
Costs less to implement.
Predictive Maintenance
Predictive maintenance is scheduled as need based on asset conditions
Reduces labor and material costs

Fast and Reliable IT Maintenance Service

With more than 10 years of IT support service, we deliver effective, outsourced, and managed IT services for small-medium-sized businesses and organizations across Singapore.


A-ChieveMent Solutions

Immediate Responses

Immediate assistance via Remote Desktop Support in 30 minutes or less

Professional Team

Trained and certificated engineers
Access to the newest market trends and developments

Strong After Sales Support

Fantastic after-sales support system
Help you minimize your business's downtime and unproductive hours

Flexible and Customizable

Diversified number of packages to meet your business needs.


A multi-vendor supplier programme with a single-point-of-contact.
Wide range of support levels to update your system and resolve issues

Top Tier Support

Available 24/7, with a 4-hour response time
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