In today's economy, companies face two countervailing demands: leveraging the reach and flexibility of IP networks to do business more effectively, and securing these networks from the potential dangers of the Internet. Ignoring business opportunities and threats is not an answer. You need to take a proactive stance and implement the right technologies and procedures to protect and enhance your network - and grow your business.

ACM offers a wide range of Security Services that help you leverage the immense opportunities that IP networks and the Internet have to offer, while mitigating network security threats.

Taking An In-Depth Approach To Protecting Your Network

The most effective approach to managing security challenges is layered security, or a "defense-in-depth" strategy. Companies must look across many systems and operational procedures to ensure they have reliable security practices and technology to lower their security risks. ACM deploys security services for its customers in a variety of layers including:

Network perimeter security
Managed Firewall Services
Intrusion Detection/Prevention

Application security
Anti-virus & Anti-Spam
Content filtering

Endpoints (laptops and PCs) security
Personal Firewall/IDS Services
Policy Management

Identity Management
Digital Certificate Services

Data integrity
VPN Solutions
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Since network security is a moving target, it is critical for companies to understand and inventorise what competencies are held in-house, and to establish what expertise is needed from external sources. Moreover, network security challenges cannot be met with the purchase of a single technology or system. Customers must routinely examine and adjust their network security posture to address the changing landscape of threats. ACM combines industry-leading security technology with specialized security staff and processes to help enterprises selectively outsource security tasks.

Instead of protecting customer networks like a castle with a single drawbridge entrance and exit, ACM guards its customers' networks like a well-run airport. Just as a good airport carefully checks passengers, baggage, employees, equipment, entrance and exits, ACM guards your network at multiple levels using a wide range of best-in-class technologies. Choose ACM to guard your network with this same "defense-in-depth" approach and you can rest assured that your data and infrastructure will be secure.

Security Management

Security management's goal is to assist you in creating an IT environment where you have constant access to accurate data. We help to protect your data from unauthorised access and modifications while maintaining the highest possible data availability at all times.

Our Services:

  • Verify the physical security for all equipment, including servers, server-related equipment and workstations.
  • Determine the vulnerability of the access security controls for all IT assets and data.
  • Monitor and report on any users' concerns relating to the security of the servers, workstations and shared resources. We will also review the existing security policies defined at the Domain Server.
  • Verify the reliability of the security imposed on the VPN and wireless network (if any)


VPN Solutions

Businesses are continually looking for ways to cut networking costs and boost employee productivity using new technologies. That's why when it comes to connecting your business locations and providing high-speed access to the latest business applications, ACM's Managed VPN solutions are the right choice.

Our high performance IP VPN solutions combine MPLS routing and QoS technology with cost-effective broadband access to deliver more bandwidth, performance and flexibility at a fraction of the cost of legacy networks. As a result, it's the ideal solution for performance-sensitive applications, like VoIP and video-conferencing.

We offer a wide selection of access and security technologies to tailor a solution that meets your specific business requirements. And, like all of our services, we take full accountability for the performance and availability of your network with our 24/7 monitoring and customer support, and industry-leading end-to-end SLAs.

One Seamless Solution For The Distributed Enterprise

Best of all, Network VPN solutions are designed to be used in tandem with our Remote Access VPN solutions for connecting all of your sites and remote users via a single, seamlessly integrated platform. Our SSL and IPSec-to-MPLS integration technology allows us to cost-effectively "map" SSL and IPSec tunnels from remote users directly into your MPLS VPN network. In fact, we use this same technology to provide secure access to business partners that are connected via an existing Internet connection. The net result is an expansive Intranet and Extranet platform that empowers your business to leverage the latest productivity enhancing applications.

Whether you're looking to connect your headquarters and a few branch offices or network a large-scale distributed enterprise, ACM offers the flexibility, performance and security you need to do the job right:

  • Flexible - Choose from a wide selection of access technology, bandwidth levels, security, management options and applications needed to suit your exact requirements.
  • Premium Performance - ACM's MPLS network is engineered for the most demanding customer voice, video and data applications.
  • Reduced demand on internal resources
  • Maximum Security - ACM support of multiple security options applies "defense in depth" strategies throughout the design of your network.
  • MPLS VPN's - Match high performance network connectivity and privacy with broadband access for best of coverage, quality and service.
  • IPSec VPNs - Ensure data security and network connectivity from any available Internet connection.
  • Redundancy Options - Demand and receive fault-tolerant network connectivity.
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