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We help companies to cut IT costs dramatically improving efficiency and productivity by building customizable solutions that are designed specifically for your Organization.

Each solution is designed the way you require it, rather than you changing your business process around existing applications.


Software applications are powerful tools in the battle to make your business more efficient and effective.

If your business is in the market for software development, desktop or web based applications, our many years of experience will work for you! We can provide complete "turn-key" solutions specific to your business requirements, or use our expertise at the level where it's needed. We can fit in with your overall . Whether your needs are to supplement current development or to have ACM develop an entire software application, It would be our pleasure to help with new or ongoing projects, including analysis, database design, coding, testing and implementation. It's all possible, the level of help, is up to you. We provide custom applications in the following areas:

The fact that all off-the-shelf software products will not meet your needs necessitates you to look for custom business software development. Custom business software development is an investment that can repay itself many times over through increased efficiency.

We stand apart from other business software development company, so that your business can flourish...

Your business is unique. However, other "accounting software" vendors will ask you to change your business processes to fit their business software, and their preconceived notion of how you should run your business and view your financial information. Truth be told, their less-modern accounting systems just cannot provide the flexible financial information solutions that modern businesses software demand.

The Business Software is the state of the art financial information system that answers this age-old problem for thousands of small to enterprise-sized businesses each day.

Here are some considerations of software development:

Ease of use - Designing user-friendly systems that require a minimum of training to use is our hallmark. We strive to package complexity and sophistication within intuitive, familiar user-interfaces.

Scalability - Your systems must accommodate increased demands as your company grows. We anticipate this and design the system accordingly, helping you avoid costly re-writes.

Robustness - Reliability, stability, and flexibility are the result of careful design and proper coding. We understand that users depend upon our systems to work correctly under varying circumstances.

Longevity - Computer technology is an ever-changing field. We understand that you do not want to spend money on a solution that will be outdated in six months. ACM uses mainstream technologies to extend the life-cycle of our software.

Expandability - We employ a highly modular architecture to facilitate modifications and additions. Extensive internal documentation ensures portability of the project to other programmers. All of our software is easily integrated with Office Suites that are commonly found on user's desktops.

Cost - At ACM we understand that your budgets are tight and you need to maximize your requirement. The bottom line is that you need to squeeze the most out of every dollar you spend. ACM will provide you with a cost-effective, user-friendly software solution that meets all of your needs.

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